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Boulogne - To See & Do - Museums

The Château and Musée du Château

The medieval castle and its moat was built at the same time as the Ramparts, in the 13th century, by the Count of Boulogne and was unique in that it was the first castle to be built without a keep in the history of military architecture. Over the years it has been used for a variety of purposes - fortress, barracks and a prison – and nowadays visitors can wander through the vaults and underground passages taking in the chapel, the baronial hall, and the gothic Salle Barbière (armoury). Housed in the Château is an impressive museum, the Musée du Château, which was created in 1825 and includes some wonderful exhibitions, some of which are unique in Europe. These include the largest collection of Greek vases after the Louvre in Paris, the largest collection of Inuit masks in the whole of Europe, Renaissance coins, Egyptian antiquities, Mediaeval pieces and fine art by masters of the 19th century. Another highlight is the display of the Roman foundations of Bononia Antiqua, the Roman settlement at Boulogne, in the new underground complex.

Maison de la Beurière

This tiny museum is set inside an authentic fisherman’s cottage, built in 1870, in the former seamen's district of Boulogne-sur-Mer and shows how fishermen and their families lived at the beginning of the 20th century with authentic displays of furniture, clothes and objects from the time.

The Musée Libertador San Martin

The Museum is contained within the house that was originally inhabited from 1848 until his death by the Argentine General, José de San Martin, who liberated Argentina from Spanish rule in 1816, and freed Chile in 1817 and Peru in 1821. His remains are now contained within the Crypte Notre Dame.

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