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Bayeux Tapestry

The Centre Guillaume le Conquérant is located on the rue de Nesmond. The famous Bayeux tapestry recounts, simply but with a wealth of detail, how and why William the Conqueror achieved the conquest of England in 1066. The tapestry is a magnificent 70 metres long and its colour and vibrant scenes of medieval life are quite something. Thought to have been embroidered by nuns in England and commissioned by William’s half brother, the tapestry is truly one of its kind.

Cathedral of Notre Dame

Cathédral Notre Dame, a short distance away from the Bayeux Tapestry following the rue de Nesmond, is one of the oldest buildings in Bayeux. The Notre Dame Cathedral was once the original home to the Bayeux tapestry. The 11th century cathedral boasts some beautiful original architecture alongside the later more gothic additions. The crypt is one of the few remaining Romanesque structures with beautiful frescoes lining the walls. A 12th century nave holds some stunningly carved choir stalls and an 18th century dome, which tops the crossing tower, is a fine example of the combination of architecture and styles used from across the centuries. This cathedral is a particularly beautiful building that has been amazingly preserved throughout France's turbulent history.

Memorial Museum of the 1944 Bataille de Normandie

Just a few minutes from the D-Day landing beaches, this museum retraces the 77 days of fighting which opposed Allied forces and the Germany army on the soil of Normandy in the aftermath of 6th June 1944. The museum exhibits documents and film of the Normandy landings and there are life-sized models and military props to give people a better understanding of the events that surrounded those troubled days.

British War cemetery

The cemetery lies opposite the Memorial Museum of the 1944 Bataille de Normandie where there are 6000 British soldiers buried.

The General de Gaulle Memorial Museum

Musée-Mémorial Général de Gaulle is situated on rue de Bourbesneur near Place de Gaulle. Dedicated to the man himself, this museum houses an exhibition that follows and records events in his life. Two particular encounters with Bayeux are recorded in great detail, as they were landmarks in France’s history: 14th June 1944 and 16th June 1946. Documents from photographic and printed archives alongside video footage are just some of the items displayed here.

Museum of Baro Gerard

The museum is housed in the former Bishop’s Palace and exhibits a lovely collection of 16th-19th century art and lace.



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