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Arras - To See & Do - Monuments & Historical Buildings

The Belfry and the Town Hall

The Belfry and the Town Hall were built in similar periods, the Belfry from 1463-1554 and the Town Hall from 1502-1506. The lovely buildings display a mixture of both baroque and renaissance style due to the additions of Napoleon III. These beautiful rather gothic style buildings were sadly destroyed in the First World War but cleverly and accurately rebuilt between 1924 and 1932. These buildings are centrally situated between the Place de Héros and the Place de la Vacquerie.

Vaubam Citadel

The fortress was built between 1667 and 1672, on the order of Louis XIV and it was nicknamed the ‘The Useless Beauty’. Originally built as a city defence, it was never required as there were no invasions after its completion. However, it is notorious with the locals for its firing squad wall. Located outside the fortress walls, it pays homage to the 218 French Resistance members that were executed in the Second World War in the Citadel trenches.


Founded 2000 years ago by the Romans, this ancient city was established as sacred place of peace and sanctuary. There are sites for recent excavation and artefacts found, provide a picture of life up to 17 centuries ago. Located in the north-western area of the town.

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